Alentus WHOIS Query

What does the WHOIS display show me?

Use this tool to check your domain registration record as it exists at your domain registrar. Most of the information in the record is self-explanatory. There are three important things to check in order to make certain that your domain is alive and well:
  • Check the expiry date
  • Check the name servers
  • Check the contact information
If your domain record expires none of the services associated with your domain will be available. No email, no WWW, nothing. In addition, some other party can then register your domain, effectively taking it away from you. There is typically no recourse available to you in this case - the domain now belongs to someone else. Make sure that you know when your domain expires and renew it before it does. Most registries will remind their customers prior to the domain registration expiring but they will normally do this using email and if the email address that they have on file for you is incorrect you will not get notified and run the risk of your domain registration expiring.

Make certain that the name servers for your domain are set to the Alentus name servers. There should be two - and only two - name servers associated with your domain. See the Alentus Technical Support Center for more information on this topic.

Make certain that the contact information in your domain record is accurate. Your registry will need to get in touch with you and they will use this information to do so. It is important that this is accurate, in particular the email addresses listed for the domain contacts.

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